Reclaim Your Health For
Diabetes Freedom

Live Longer & Healthier With Your Family

We will help you with your Type 2 Diabetes, so you can... 

  • Use Intermittent Fasting, Nutrition and Lifestyle to normalise blood sugars with the aim to come off your medication

  • Stop 'yo-yo dieting' and overcome your food cravings to lose weight with an exciting eating plan 

  • Increase your energy, longevity and quality of health for a new healthy lifestyle with your children & grandchildren

Reclaim Your Health For Diabetes Freedom

Live Longer & Healthier With Your Family

We will help you with your Type 2 Diabetes, so you can... 

  • Normalise your blood sugar and aim to come off your medication

  • Stop 'yo-yo dieting' and overcome your food cravings to lose weight for good with an exciting eating plan

  • Increase your energy, longevity and quality of life for a new healthy lifestyle with your children & grandchildren

Success Stories

Suzanne and Patrick have helped me on my journey towards Diabetes Freedom after being diabetic for 13 years.


Their Diabetes Recovery Program  showed me that eating healthy is enjoyable. They also supported me through fasting which I never thought I could do! Their method was actually pretty easy.

They also helped me to overcome my sugar cravings and get through my emotional eating problems that have kept me overweight for decades.


My doctors are shocked that I have lost 22kg, and now off all my medication. I have more energy now in my 70's than I did in my 50's.

Ira D.

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes
Was diabetic for over 10 years and lost 22kg/48lbs. No longer taking diabetes medication and her doctors are shocked.

I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic 6 months ago and my doctor said that I must lose weight and make some drastic changes or I would become type 2 diabetic, like the rest of my family.

I desperately needed help because I've been overweight my whole life and I've tried and failed every diet that exists.


Suzanne and Pat supported me every step of the way and I have now lost 15kg in weight.

 I gave up smoking and I'm feeling great.

I'm no longer pre-diabetic and I'm feeling so much better about the way my body looks.

Thanks Sue and Pat x


Sam N.

Reversed Prediabetes
Lost 15kg/33lbs, quit smoking and has avoided diabetes even though her family has a history of type 2 diabetes, amputations and heart attacks.

I weighed 110kg (242 pounds) and my doctor told me, in so many words, that I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

My father died of a heart attack at 65 and both my wife and I were worried of it happening to me.

So I decided to take action so I could be around for my 7 grand kids and watch them grow up.


Suzanne and Pat gave me the tools to eat better and start being more active. 


I have now lost 32kgs (70 pounds) and I can actually run around in the backyard with my grand kids.

The Pura Nutrients team saved my life, I am certain of that!

Mike P.

Reversed Type 2 Diabetes
Lost 32kg/70lbs and come off medications. He is exercising regularly and enjoying retirement with his 7 grand kids.  

I'm halfway through this book and I've already learned more about reversing diabetes than in the 22 years I've been diabetic
~ Margaret, Sydney 2020

The Fast Diabetes Solution

Inspired by 40 + years as a pharmacist. Suzanne combines nutrition and intermittent fasting with healthy living so you can reclaim your health and reverse your type 2 diabetes.

Meet the
 Mother & Son Team

Suzanne Ridley, Principal Health Specialist

Suzanne is the author of The Fast Diabetes Solution and has been a pharmacist for more than 40 years. Suzanne furthered her studies into Clinical Nutrition and Medical Herbalism which gives her a vast amount of knowledge from both the mainstream pharmacological approach and the natural alternative methods to type 2 diabetes treatment.

Patrick Ridley, Results Coach

Patrick specializes in personal development strategies and results coaching for long-lasting weight loss. He has certifications in Health and Nutrition, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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