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Diabetes Freedom 
The Fast Diabetes Solution


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Step by Step guide to diabetes freedom

Jenny ~ Sydney, 2018

After receiving my blood test my doctor informed me I now qualified for gastric band surgery. It was a massive shock and wake-up call.

Then and there I made a decision to change. Suzanne was great and she has helped me lose 21.5 kg over 6 months through her Diabetes Recovery Program.

I am no longer on the Diabetes path. I have increased energy, more mobility, I feel comfortable in my clothes and so much happier about my body.

Suzanne Ridley

Principal Health Specialist

Suzanne has been a Pharmacist for over 40 years helping her clients with diabetes and other health conditions to reclaim their health with enjoyable lifestyle changes.

She has furthered her studies into Clinical Nutrition and Herbalism. Suzanne is also the author of 'Diabetes Freedom, the Fast Diabetes Solution'.

Patrick Ridley

Results Coach

Pat has been supporting people to make powerful lifelong changes for more than 10 years as a Personal Results Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


He has now furthered his studies into health and nutrition.

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